Flexibility & Well-Being

Mon's teaching offers both time-tested practices and new-age methodologies. We can help you gain a new level of health and flexibility that helps prevent injury, increases mobility and lets you get the most from your lifestyle and favorite activities. 

  • Enjoy Greater Mobility
  • Improve Balance
  • Perfect Your Posture
  • Help Counteract Aging

Therapeutic Yoga 

Yoga for beginners

Relaxation & Meditation 

Since tension and stress can affect your overall well-being, Mona will help you bring clarity and relaxation to your daily life. Her mission is to foster a greater sense of focus, inner strength, tranquility and mental clarity.

  • Relax Your System
  • Improve Coordination
  • Support Well-Being
  • Build Lifelong Habits

Strength & Conditioning

With the wide range of programs, Mona can help you build lean muscle mass, strengthen your joints. You’ll soon discover a more powerful physique and attractive shape that gets you noticed in your day-to-day life.

  • Strengthen Muscles & Joints
  • Improve Energy & Vitality
  • Increase Blood Flow
  • Create a Leaner, Powerful You

"As leaves move in the wind, your mind moves with your breath."

 Start your path to a more balanced life.

A Place Where You Fit In

Mona offers a range of programs in order to welcome all types of individuals. Whether you would like to gain strength and flexibility, or bring clarity to your day-to-day life, she offer a program that will enhance your active lifestyle.