Yoga for Beginners

You are never too young or too old to begin your yoga practice. You are learning the most FAQ"s about yoga down to the basic where you lay the path of your health and happiness. 

"As leaves move in the wind, your mind moves with your breath."

 Start your path to a more balanced life.

Mindfulness Meditation

Any Body can sit down and watch their breath or watch their mind. true meditation does require energy and commitment to stick with it. In 6 weeks we learn how to mediate and make it part of your life. We learn to systematically cultivate a calm and stress free mind. 

Supporting your basic needs

When you are in a posture that feels very tense that you can't focus on anything else, you are probably not ready for that posture yet. You should start with something easier. This is  the basic foundation of your everyday yoga practice. You gradually achieve more strength and stability and overall comfort by practicing the postures firmly and regularly for a period of time. To support your basic needs to start  establishing your own yoga practice from easiest and relaxing position will make you to enjoye your practice more.

Therapeutic Yoga 

This class will serve to help you recover from issues or injuries that you had from the past either in a small group or individual session. The practice comprises a wide range of mind/body exercises from postural, and breathing to deep relaxation and meditation. 

Yoga level 1-2 

This level has been designed to deepen your experience through Vinyasa flow yoga practice that will move your body in all directions and will energize you.

Therapeutic Yoga 

Yoga for beginners