Therapeutic Yoga 

with Mona 

“ I started to take yoga classes with Mona over a year ago, two days a week. Mona has never repeated the same class twice. A pose may have been practiced before but she always add something new to it, to make it more interesting and challenging. I am always looking forward to the days I go to yoga. I feel very lucky to know her.

Mona is very qualified and conducts her class with a lot of dedication and understanding of our limited capabilities (we are all senior citizens). May be what I appreciate the most is her sharing of her extensive medical knowledge with us. She always explains what a pose is good for. She is specially attentive to train us to breath properly and to use our breathing to better hold the pose.
 She often starts the class by asking us if we have a special need or a specific part of the body we would like to work on. She is extremely mindful of each of her students' special needs.

 Mona is a very concerned and dedicated teacher. We all have steadily progressed thanks to her continuous encouragements and help. Many of us in the class have medical problems and/or disabilities but we keep on with yoga because we  know she is always there for us. We all feel better at the end of a session with Mona. We love her. She is a caring human being with a beautiful soul.”

-Anne-Marie Kunter

“I have taken Mon’s class every week for over a year and a half now, where she teaches at the Irvine Senior Center, and I look forward to continuing for more sessions! I really like how she describe each pose and explain the details about how each pose helps our bodies and improves our health.”

-Ergun Kunter 

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People of All Kinds

Mona is a unique and very knowledgeable teacher.  Her understanding of the human body and the care with which she teaches each student is special.  She guides her students in a gentle and caring way, whether they are young and more flexible, or older and working on regaining the flexibility they used to have. I look forward to yoga with Mona every week.
-Diane Sagen

“What really separates Mona from other instructors is how much she cares about each of her students and how she pay special attention to each of our needs.  I personally struggle with flexibility, now, after a year, I have reached the  45th percentile – yes , a bit below average, but I came so far.  I just wanted to thank her and would sincerely recommend her to others.”

-Douglas Fanney PE, MBA

“Mona is an excellent teacher.  She is sensitive to our individual needs and varies her class each time.  Mona encourages us to challenge ourselves but presents a variety of options for each pose.  I look forward to each session.”

-Barbara Bertin